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Semrush Majestic
Moz Keyword Revealer
AuthorityLabs RavenTools
RavenTools KeywordKeg SpyFu
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Semrush Majestic
AuthorityLabs RavenTools
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What does Group Buy mean?

Group Buy Means you get a Seo tools access on an affordable price as compared to original price. These accounts are for the medium users of SEO Tools. If you are heavy usage people please don't purchase.

Are these shared accounts or dedicated accounts?
Do you provide login details to the SEO tools? How do I get access to the accounts?

No, we not provide the login details of any of the tools. We provide Firefox portable browser with auto login details with lastpass. You just need to download Firefox portable and enter the lastpass details which we give to you once you purchase.

How do I get help if I need any? What are your support details?

We provide support on Skype Support, Email Support and Website Support IF you have any query fell free to ask on our Support form

Are there any limitations in the accounts?

No, there is no limitation in any account. All account are shared Group Buy and mainly for light users. For normal users, these accounts work perfectly fine.

Do you have a Guide or Video on how to open the Firefox Portable?

Yes, we provide you video tutorial and complete guide and if get any error we help you using Teamviewer or Skype Screen Share

Can I share your SEO tools with others?

No never, If you are reselling customer or you want to shared with any one, our seo tools or firefox portable please away from us. REQUEST

I am an Indian. How can I purchase your accounts?

IF you are INDIAN and you are interested to buy our service, please contact us using Skype or Email. we provide payment facility by Paytm NEFT

Is this tools avaliable for MAC?

No we not Provide to any mac Users, we provide Only Kwfinder and Indexification to Mac user


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Majestic SEO is the one of the finest SEO tool available in the market. Majestic SEO serves as a measurement for the trustworthiness of web pages. Any web page is considered trustworthy based on the number of trustworthy websites. The more trustworthy websites that link to a certain web page, the more it will be considered trustworthy. It uses for measuring the strength of trustworthiness of each of your pages.
The Majestic SEO Tool also includes Majestic Trust Flow tool, but it also includes the TF CF Checker in one graphic. The TF CF Checker use for the Trust Flow and Citation Flow Checker tools. It gives important data about web page or URL, and present it in one graphic. The Citation Flow Checker is the tool that is used to check the strength and URL which is based on the number of sites that are linked to it. Magestic tool is always updated with index on daily basis


SEMrush is another popular SEO tool for taking a look at a domain's position in search. It will check ranking and other related keywords that which can potentially generate more traffic.
It is one of the highly trusted digital marketing software which is suite designed to provide digital marketers and online businesses with competitive data to tell about marketing and business decisions. It also helps to create reports to help SEM and SEO services consultants, small and medium-size enterprises and helps to take their websites in the top Google and Bing results.
The software also offers website analysis tools and research reports to take the guesswork out of your market research and SEO. SEO specialists will love the depth and versatility of what SEMrush has to offer. SEMrush also has you covered with our My Reports section. It has inbuild PDF builder makes it easy to build and clone data-centric reports about any website's online visibility.


Ahrefs is one of the latest entery into the link research tool space. The tool uses it's own bot and their own index. Thieif index is updated every 30 minutes and the fresh data is available to their users within 30 minutes of the actual index refresh.
Ahrefs contain roughly 45 million keywords from 9 different countries. The tools within their membership are: Its price is fairly very straight-forward and only increases or decreases based on volume of data acess by the users. User can easily understand pricing on their pricing page.
The best part of this tool is that if offers so many comparisions and other related details which benefits for the purpose of the SEO and helps everyone who wants to analysis their site. It easily allow them to implement useful changes so that they able to get good google ranking by implementing right SEO techniques.


If you are planning to start a website, one essential thing that you need to do is to register your domain and for that, you also need to come up with a domain name. FreshDrop is a name you can look forward to when you are looking for expired domains that are available for sale.
It is one of the most recognized places where you can search for expired domains and you will surely be going to have a superior time there. The company was established in 2007 and since its inception; it has carved a niche for itself by offering exceptional and unparalleled domain services to its customers.
Presently, the company has a database with more than 3.7 million domains and it is something that worth applauding. You can choose a domain name as per your business nature and personal preferences. The FreshDrop team always comes up with new features and advancements to give more superior experience to their customers.


The importance of finding keywords is a core thing in the search engine optimization and you need to ensure that you have a right tool to get such keywords that are perfectly match with your business. Welcome to Keyword Revealer, one of the most prominent and feasible tools available in the market for keyword research and it is something that has lot more to offer to the customers.
It is an application that uses Google Keyword Tool to give keyword data for a determined set of keywords as per your queries and it will surely serve the core purpose.
In no time, you will come to know about low competition keywords and by this, you can optimize your website with low backlinking efforts too. It is a time saver for SEO executives and has shown superior results till now. Also you can check the rank of your keywords with this Keyword Reveler tool.


The use of SEO tools is one of the smartest things a SEO executive will do and Moz is one of the most superior SEO tools that should be in the list of every SEO executive's SEO friendly tools. It helps users in search engine optimization by using basic and advanced keyword research tools and also offers services like SEO keyword generation and link analysis.
If you are looking for your inbound links and how they are quality wise, you can find out it by using Moz SEO tool. You will get a detailed report and information about your links here.
However, for SEO beginners, it is a bit difficult SEO kit to work with and they should read the tutorials available online for Moz tools. There are some superior features and options available with Moz SEO toolkit that will make your tasks effortless and brilliant. Also, a paid version of MOz, Moz Pro is available in the market too.

Keyword Keg:

For almost all the SEO enthusiasts, keyword research is a boring task as they have to go back to a keyword tool, plugging keywords and checking them on the volumes. It is a daunting task and you can make it easy and effortless by having a Keyword Keg, one of the most premium keyword research tools that can make your life much better.
If you are looking for free search volume and PPC competition data, it is available with Keyword Keg. There are some additional features too like browser extension and free keyword research tool. Also, you don't have to buy a paid membership to avail these benefits. You don't even need to signup. You can use it absolutely free.
Just write any keyword and the extension called “Keyword Everywhere” will give detailed information about keywords from monthly volume, the PPC score, average cost per click and everything just under your search bar.

If you are looking for a finest keyword research tool in the market, all you need to do is to go for, one of the most advanced keyword research tool that is applauded by the SEO community across the world.
One of the most significant features of this tool is that it lets users to generate keywords and evaluate competition for that particular keyword. If you are looking for an alternative for Google's Keyword Planner tool, you are at a right place as it just competes with it.
It also highlights those default keywords that are hidden by Google Adwords. One of the most fascinating things that offers is the speed at which it offers results and it is impeccable. It has both- a free and advanced paid version with some more interesting features. You can have 750+ keywords for a particular search term and 500+ keywords suggestions for Bing.


Buzzsumo is one of the most valuable and effective tools that should be in your social media toolbox is BuzzSumo and when you come to know about its offerings, you will surely get fascinated. It is a content marketing tool that offers you detailed information about the content across the world about your search query. It also can be called a review and monitoring tool as it monitors the content across the globe. You can find out about the content shared on different social media platforms by sharing your domain name and in the pro version, you can also see who has shared such posts related to your keywords or events.
It also helps you to make a content strategy as you will come to know which things are in trend and you can decide what to share on the social Medias. Also, you can do competitor analysis by their content too.


SpyFu which is a search analytics company was also known as GoogSpy when it was founded. The primary application of SpyFu as a tool is to improve and organize SEO and PPC of the website. This tool is used to spy on the website of one's competitor. SpyFu gives all the necessary and unnecessary information about it. Starting from the total number of keywords that the competitor has bought or bid, how much clicks each of the keywords has got, etc.

SpyFu also helps their customer in organizing this huge pile of data simply so that you can exactly know how the competitor has received such popularity. With the help of its unique content analysis tool, SpyFu helps you conduct your AdWords campaign and modify it concerning the keywords that are more popular. With the help of SpyFu, you can remain more active on Internet and search engines.


Serpstat is a five in one tool which helps to automate the SEO process. These tools include Position tracking, Backlink Analysis, Keyword Research, Site Audit and competitor research. Serpstat is the only tool that helps you to track your project status, user history, and complete analytics. Serpstat is one of the best tools for SEO and analytics expert, PPC specialists, Content managers, and Digital Marketers.

Serpstat provides you the unique report of your project and marketing statistics that will pinpoint the errors or mistakes and help you market your product in a better way. Serpstat also provides you the crucial information about your competitors and give you the right most advice to increase your sales compared to them. Serpstatis used by a majority of the small as well as big digital marketing agencies, SEO specialists, Freelancers and people working on their project.


"Grammarly" as the name suggests is a tool to check grammatical errors that we make while writing anything in English. Checking grammatical errors is just one function of Grammarly. Apart from this it also checks spelling mistakes, punctuation errors, sentence formation, and plagiarism. It also suggests the most appropriate word to be written while making a sentence. These features are its free users. Grammarly provides much more to its premium users.

It is one of the best tools for the writer who write different types of content such as Technical, Academic, Business, Medical, Casual, and Creative Content. It also helps you to enhance vocabulary in your Content. With the help of Grammarly plug-ins, you can add it to the facebook account, emails, and even word so that wherever you write the content, Grammarly is always there to correct the errors. It also provides the facility of proofreading.

Article builder:

Article Builder is a tool that helps you build your article in the way you want. The main three function of article builder is to build an article, inject the keywords and post it on the blog you want. It is a highly automated tool which will help your website or blog to come up on the search engine and increase the traffic.

With the help of Article Builder, you can build Article in any category with the number of word counts you want. By selecting the super spun content checkbox, you can build articles with up to 90% originality. The inject content feature helps you inject the most important paragraphs that will help you make your article the unique and full of important keywords. And as the last step, you can select the blogs and website from the list and schedule your posting time and duration so that Article Builder will post your article from time to time.

Spin Rewriter:

Spin Rewriter is used to rewriting the same article many times but at the same time making sure that each article is unique. Spin Rewriter uses the unique ENL semantic spinning algorithm to build all of these articles. With the help of Spin Rewriter, and allows user to produce thousands of articles in just small amount of time.

All user should do is to select the type of Article, and it will show you hundreds of different articles with different keywords and a total number of words. It automatically checks the plagiarism using the Copyscape tool. The last step is to select the number of articles you want, and it'll generate those articles in seconds. Spin Rewriter helps you increase the daily active users on your website with over 50000 users on just a single website. Apart from this using this tool, you can earn more than $300 from the AdSense alone.

Tera Peak:

Tera peak is a tool used to increase the online sales for the sellers selling on e-commerce websites. It answers the most common and basic questions of the sellers selling products online for the first time as well as the most experienced seller. It helps you find various opportunities in the world of e-commerce by telling you the most fundamental things a seller needs to know.

It tells you which product is the fastest selling product in the global market. Or you can select the category of products in which you want to deal, and it'll tell you the best product in that category. It also suggests you sellers from different websites which can provide you the product in the wholesale price. Tera peak also shows you the sale stats of any product on the e-commerce websites so that you can decide where you should sell your product.


Junglescout is a tool used to perform market research on things selling exclusively on Amazon. Typically an Amazon seller spends hours or sometimes days in researching the products that have the maximum sale and profit margins. Making a spreadsheet of things like revenue, FBA fees, cost price, profit, marked price, etc. can be quite tedious. As far as the seller is focusing on such things he/she cannot focus on increasing the business.

Instead of spending hours on market research we can use the Junglescout tool. By selecting the s category, Junglescout will show us the list of products that can generate pretty high sales for us and maximise the profit. It can also suggest you the best price by taking into consideration all types of fees received by Amazon, Prices that your competitor offers, and the one which is convenient as per the profit margin suggested by you.


Building backlinks have always been one of the best SEO practices. If we want to increase our reach to new customers, a backlink is something that helps us a lot. But if the backlink created in not indexed then that would be the huge mistake ever. It is certainly awaste of space and money.Indexification helps you index your backlinks.

Indexing backlinks and creating wiki links, article links, profile links, forum links, social bookmarks, blog comments, etc. can attract the search engine quite a bit. Indexification helps you shorten any link and make backlinks. It can also add random links in our content so that whenever anyone clicks on any of the hyperlinks, it can direct to our website. It creates RSS feeds and adds randomly selected backlinks to the website owned by them. With its unique algorithm and techniques, it can increase crawling and index rates.


BuiWordAI is a tool using which we can automatically generate human quality content and not the computer-generated gibberish. This tool helps a lot when we have to rewrite any article in such a way that it passes Copyscape without any grammatical errors. This task is laborious, highly time taking, and it might cost us a reasonable amount as we'll give it to some human to do.

The unique artificial intelligence algorithm of WordAI it can rewrite any sentence by changing its structure in such a way that it looks like some human might have written the content. It also passes Copyscape quite naturally. We can rewrite one content as many time as we want which will still be undetected by either of the plagiarism checking machines. This ensures that WordAI is the only tool that gives us the high quality spun articles in just a few seconds.


PicMonkey is an online photo editing and thumbnail creating tool. Unlike other online as well as offline tools it is very simple and easy to use. It gives us the immense freedom to edit our photos and create memories. It helps us to create custom thumbnails for different social networking sites like Facebook, Pinterest, Snapchat, Instagram, YouTube, etc.

The Thumbnail developer gives you the freedom to choose any templets from their default collection or you can also buy from the PicMonkey store or you can take any picture from your device and edit it. Using PicMonkey, you can design postcards, banners, flyers, invitation cards, etc. and directly send it to your friends, family or colleagues. Using it, you can also make Black and White photos into Color and Colored photo into black and white. The editing options provided by PicMonkey are effortless and straightforward therefore a person from any age group can use it.

Video Blocks:

Video Blocks is a part/block of StoryBlocks which provides free as well as paid video templets and clips which we can attach to another video. There are thousands of free templets but even more paid templets. All videos are available in very high quality including 1080p and 4k. There is no need to login on their website. You can filter video searches by relevance, highest rated, most downloaded, and recently uploaded.

You can choose the video by media type, media details, video category, resolution and total duration. Categories like space, fire, water, business, abstract, flowers, love, energy, particles, technology, countdown, medical, science, music, etc. are available. A user can also add custom text on the videos where that functionality is enabled. It also has videos used as after-effects in various applications. For example, cinematic, promo, presentation, business, etc. You can also add a video background on your image.

Audio Blocks:

Audio blocks are a part of StoryBlock which provides free as well as paid Audio templets which can be used in many applications. Audio blocks are one of the best tools to download high-quality audio files available in WAV as well as MP3 formats. The sound quality of these sounds is quite good. There is more than one audio file available on this website for one particular situation.

It offers total three types of audio files which include Music, sound effects, and loops. Audio blocks have got sound for every mood like, Aggressive, Happy, Sad, Inspiring, relaxing, playful, sentimental, and suspenseful. More than 20 genres like horror, rock, classical, jazz, instrumental, hip-hop, etc. add a lot of value to the website. It also gives us the freedom to select the type of instruments like piano, trumpet, violin, Brass, guitar, vocal, woodwind, etc. , tempo and total duration of the file.


GraphicStock is a place from where you can get over 400,000 images all taken by world-renowned photographers and artists. This is the place where you can find both free as well as paid images. The main three type of images that we can find on the site is Photos, vectors, and illustrations. Other filter options are by category which includes background, beauty & fashion, buildings, business, culture, design elements, fictional, holiday, nature, objects, sports, people, travel, etc.

We can also select the images based on landscape, portrait or square mode. To narrow down our search, we can select the picture based on color and amount of transparency. We can filter all the PSD documents with the Non-PSD documents. Here we can find images which are editable which means we can add custom text inside the image. This feature is unique and can make the image of our own.


StockUnlimited is a stock image tool which allows subscribers to download an unlimited number of images every month. It offer photography, vector, clipart, and audio provider. The service provided by the company is completely based on the -based model. For a monthly fee, can download an endless number of files needed for some projects.

In this SEO use app, you can see many graphics, images, icons, buttons, backgrounds, textures and audio files. Moreover, the StockUnlimited is constantly growing. Currently, it includes more than 600,000 vectors and photos. It allows to add new images are being added all the time.The stock unlimitedsite also includes more than 20,000 audio files with music, sound effects and transition and movement sounds. The lowest plan available currently is $9 per month which provide 1 Million+ Premium Vectors & Photos + Unlimited Downloads and 7-Day Money Back Guaranteed from the company.


Piktochart is an infographic application. It allows users without much experience as graphic designers to easily create professional infographics using themed templates. The most attractive feature of Piktochart is its HTML Publishing capability. It generates info graphics with multiple clickable elements for users.

In this app uses interactive maps, videos, and hyperlinks in. For creating aninfographic, theuser can select a blank or pre-designed template theme, and then add information. This SEO tool also offers a library of icons, images, and other design tools. Icons and images are organized by subject, including education, entertainment, people, and shapes. After the completion, each infographic it can be for future editing, and also offer product can be exportedin the different JPEG, PNG or PDF file. It is one of the best tools which support all kind of format and yet provide useful for SEO professionals.


Genstencil is a tool for creating visual content is simple, fun and lightweight. It is designed to help you create beautiful looking images in thefaster possible way. Even if the person hasn't used an image editing program, it is possible to pick Stencil up and use it in seconds.

Using this tool Icons and graphics works the same as backgrounds. Moreover, genstencil offers a wide range of icons which can be used for any season. You have picked a textured background, and you would like to add a few shapes and icons to make it pop genstencil is a right tool for you.

When using this tool, you can easily upload your logos and watermarks which you will never have to think of them again. In fact, if you turn it on, every image you have loaded on the right-hand side will have the logo or watermark displayed.This makes our task easier.


CBEngine is a tool for find best product in the Clickbank marketplace.It allows it's user to make more money with less effort. It one of the best ClickBank Analytics on the web.

The tool comes with full suite of software tools along with a database containing thousands of affiliate products. With the just little training, you can easily use this tool and make the most of your business.

CBEngine works to present all types of viable turning point you need. Their job is to help you earn money through ClickBank.Today it is considered one of the major sources of income online for most affiliate marketers.

The tool also provides help to find out what sells and what needsto be avoidedthrough their featured modules like ClickBank search tool. The commission calculatoralso helps to get exact figures for vendor and affiliate. The vendor order page sales is another

useful feature. This tool is exceptionally efficient and organized by categories, statistics and vendor listing. It comes with many useful plugins like Storefront 2.0 for product database and CBPress for WordPress. However, despite that manyinformation, it is one of the easy to understand thetool.


iSpionage is a newer tool in the SEO tool market. The tool is PPC oriented than organic SEO oriented. This tool offers 1.Keyword and Domain Research 2. Keyword Monitor 3. Keyword and Domain Research 4. PPC campaign builder.

PPC Campaign Builder: The campaign builder feature helps to search for keywords via a keyword or domain name input.

Keyword Clean Up: This is where you can clear keywords that contain certain words, which are either duplicate or special characters. You can also remove extra spaces if needed.

Keyword Grouping: This feature allows to easily set up ad groups and campaigns within iSpionage. It also offers an option to create ad group per keyword if you want to get that granular.

The tool is more useful for PPC market than for the SEO. Market. The tool surely offers many features, and it will be interesting to see how they develop their product going forward.

Keyword Eye:

Keyword Eye is most effective visual keyword suggestion tool. It isdesigned to ease keyword research. Its primary purpose is to be a keyword brainstorming tool before a PPC or SEO campaign. It can be used by SEO marketers, business owners and researchers to name a few.

There are many people who mayargue this could be performedby sorting the search volume column on the Google Keyword tool. However, Keyword Eye is different as it offers each keyword with different colors from green to red based on the competition. In the indication green keywords have a low competition, reds have highest.

Moreover, putting this two element allows for at a glance look at which keywords have larger target markets but also achievable. You can also factor this in based on the size of client's site and determine whether you can aim for keywords, or must settle for green keywords.


Lucidchart is one of the most effective toolsto get the best compatibility with other programs which also include G Suite. It is also web app to offer which provide total for Microsoft Visio documents. This allows user to standard file formats or publish with our convenient online viewer.

It is the web's leading diagramming and visualization app. It helps to create and modify flowcharts; process flows, network diagram online and offline needs.It is designed for marketing firms and individuals to be able to dig into the data. It is most effective SEO tool for affordable, fast, visual keyword and competitor research tools to help with your PPC and SEO campaigns.

The benefit of this tool is to expand keyword research with additional data and no limits. Discover what keywords competitors have visibility for. Learn more.Allows you to find top content and influencers for individual keywords and phrases. It also allows finding what questions people are asking about the specific subject matter.


StoryBase, tool is about two things: dreams and our data. The company firmly believe that the tool surely helps to do this job. It's big data, which make it accessible and easy to understand;it helps you to enjoy your job. It allows to get right content that user will always like to share. It also allows to spend time allows you to do that for you.

StoryBaseis aiming to open a window into the mind of readers so that user can easily learn who they are and what questions they have. By listening more carefully to these questions. It allows to provide more useful answers which will not just make a better writing experience, helps to create great relationship between reader and writer. This is highly effective tool for SEO related post creation.


DomCop tool helps users to search for expired domains up for auction.It provides information to help them informed purchasing decisions. These domains often have built-in traffic, and some SEO accomplished. However, buyers should beware of scam domains name.

It uses various statis of SEOMoz Domain Authority, SEMRush, and Alexa along with social statistics. It also allows number of Facebook shares, tweets, and Reddit shares the domain has. It helps developers to use DomCop API to search for domains for using REST calls.

The tool import data from domain auctions, pending delete and dropped lists and find relevant information from that domains. The tools help to validate the page rank and ensure that the domains are not scams. It also checksif the domains banned by Googleand that also display in the Google search.

Authority Labs:

AuthorityLabs is an SEO tool. The goal of this tool to provide the best service possible for all inquiries. The tool offers various methods set up for not only contacting us to get support but to also learn about this tool.

Tacking keywords daily, Tracking Google, Bing, and Yahoo SERPs. It allows to estimated search volume for tracking keywords. It also allows to selecting location all the way down to the zip code. Viewing daily ranking charts for a selected keyword. Exporting PDF reports for monthly, weekly, quarterly, date, and daily comparison reports.

Comparing rankings against a competitor.The tool also allows sharing a public URL with a client for their project. Exporting one domain or an entire account history in CSV format as part of a backup process producing white label reports.

Above given option plenty of flexibility and there's no real wrong way to use them. It is certainly one of the most effective tools for this purpose.


Serpstat is a comprehensive platform for search engine optimization. It is helps business improve their performance in SEO areas. Specifically, marketing, search analytics, content marketing, PPC, and more. With the help of this tool Serpstat, you know who is ranking well. In search engine result pages (SERPs) and how you can beat the competition.

Using this tool analytics system. It allows user to decide how their competitors achieve their success. Moreover, it is also possible to get the most recent information and business intelligencefor the promotion spending. It is also helps to decide delve into the keywords they are using for their campaigns. With all information in hands, it is easy for user to execute their SEO campaigns, and leave their competitors behind and drive your business towards success.

With help of this tool it allow optimized your websites are and compare them to the level of optimization enjoyed by competitors' websites. This also allows you to see what optimization practices you need to implement and what elements need to discard it.


Raven Tools is designed to efficiently manage SEO, online PPC campaigns, and social media conversations. Withthe help of this tool, site owners immediately conduct research and analysis. The tool also helps to manage link building, monitor and manage social networks, create and manage ad campaigns.

It also produce sophisticated campaign reports with team members. These features, all from just one central location. The tool also integrates data from various sources. It also allows to make the best campaign decisions.

With the help of this effective Social Stream tool, you can easily monitor and participate in various social conversations. Wherever consumers are discussing about keyword or your brand—Facebook Twitter, blogs, YouTube, to name a few business will know immediately.You can create great marketing reports that would also make your business look amazing. With the tools automated, it will be the time-saving ally team and a source of delight to your clients.


WooRank is a SEO solution that offers automatic website reviews and customized tips for increasing traffic and leads. It is easy-to-use digital marketing tool. wooranklooks through Google's eyes and generate an instant audit on-page and off-page SEO. The clear, actionable insights also help users not only increase search ranking and website traffic, but also increaseuser engagement and, helps to incase conversion and customer retention rates. It is also allows website owners s and marketers. It allow to evaluate the SEO-friendliness and other aspects of Web sites.

The tool checks Web sites based on 50 criteria in an automated free of charge. It provides helpful SEO and other tips. However, if you purchase its license version you will get more benefit and many other wonderful features.


Cognitive SEO is designed helps to build links and find links that will enhance the quality of site. However, it will never offer a lot in the way of keyword research. It helpto find build backlinks as well as other top SEO tools.

It is an online SEO tool that is designed to help small business owners manage their SEO programs. The tool can help you keep track of all the minute details of an SEO campaign and streamline the entire SEO process.This online tool also has a full set of SEO management tools which allows to track campaign and assign to-dos.

This SEO toolkit is helpful to track over 500 keywords per account. Still it is not a great keyword tool. It still offers good keyword suggestions, local-keyword research or keyword difficulty rankings. It is also good solution if you wants to use it free without paying more money.

LongTail Pro:

Long Tail Pro is a powerful research software. It allows the user to generate thousands of unique website.It is single root keyword or multiple root keywords at once.It allows spending hours searching for low competition keywords.

It doesn't matter if building an amazon affiliate site, trying to market small business, or if you've have started thinking about starting a website. Good keyword selection is vital for good SEO strategy.Squarespace, Weebly, or WordPress, selecting the right keywords can be the difference between traffic growth and stagnation. It allows to generate much more than 800 keywords using the data from the Google keyword tool. It offers users a money-back guarantee and efficient customer service in five languages.

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